Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport

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  • Year: 2014

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Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport aims to provide engineering professionals working in, or with an interest in, the transport sector with nine papers which address critical aspects of safety and cyber security.

The need to consider security in the planning, design, build and operations of all modes of transport, vehicles and infrastructure is recognised, but the scope and scale of work needed to achieve acceptable levels of risk is not fully understood.

This emerging topic area, in relation to transport, will broaden the range of expertise that engineers and technologists need to apply to vehicles and infrastructure. To inform this debate, this 64-page IET Transport Sector publication on resilience, security and risk in transport provides technical papers that highlight the complexity of our transport systems and infrastructure.

The papers describe how the convergence of safety and security is at the heart of keeping transport resilient to internal and external threats and system failures.

Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport covers the following topics:

  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Cyber-security towards vehicle automation
  • Process safety and cyber security convergence
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Vetronics survivability strategy
  • Use of formal requirements
  • Parallel software refactoring
  • Certification of autonomous systems
  • Maritime cyber security

About the Authors

Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport is a collaborative work comprising nine papers with a foreword provided by IET President, Barry Brooks and an introduction by ITS UK’s Head of Professional Services, Neal Skelton.

Each paper has been written by an expert or experts with specialist knowledge on the topics in question. All papers have been reviewed by a technical panel.

Book readership

Resilience, Security & Risk in Transport is an ideal textbook for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students studying transport safety and cyber-security. This book will also provide practising engineers with a thorough grounding in the core principles and design issues of transport security infrastructure.

Book contents

  • Resilience, Security and Risk in Transport – Foreword
  • Resilience, Security and Risk in Transport – Introduction
  • Protecting Critical National Infrastructure Through Collaborative Cyber Situational Awareness - J.C. Creasey
  • Cyber-security as an attribute of active safety systems and their migration towards vehicle automation - Dr I. Ibarra and Dr D.D. Ward
  • Process safety and cyber security convergence: Lessons identified, but not learnt? - R.S.H. Piggin
  • Cyber security of intelligent buildings: a review - H.A. Boyes
  • Intrusion Tolerant System for Integrated Vetronics Survivability Strategy - O. Obi, A. Deshpande, E. Stipidis and P. Charchalakis
  • Practical experiences of using formal requirements and their role in an overall work-flow - D. Sexton, P. Gilhead and R. Quadir
  • A method for parallel software refactoring for safety standards compliance - Peter Jurnecka, Petr Hanacek, Maros Barabas, Martin Henzl and Matej Kacic
  • Certification of Autonomous Systems - N.J. Tudor and C. O’Halloran
  • Maritime Cyber Security – Securing the digital seaways - H.A. Boyes
  • Special Acknowledgements
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