Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications, 2nd Edition

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  • Year: 2011

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Practical lessons and approaches in radio receiver design for wireless communication systems are the hallmarks of Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications, 2nd Edition. Decades of experience “at the bench” are collected within and the book acts as a virtual replacement for a mentor who teaches basic concepts from a practical perspective and has the war stories that help their “apprentice” avoid the mistakes of the past.

Readers are led through the fundamental theory in the “Basics of RF Engineering” chapter and then walked along the path toward applying this knowledge in the design of real world systems.

Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications, 2nd Edition is a wireless design reference for students and professional in electrical engineering. It contains extensive chapters on mixers, oscillators, filters, and amplifiers. It details all major components related to receiver design, including cascade interaction, and provides excellent introductions and technical background on basic as well as advanced component characteristics. It is replete with exercises, design examples, illustrations, and proven concepts that help clarify the role of each component within the system design. 

This second edition is completely updated with modern wireless receiver systems for digital communications.

Supplementary material files can be found on IET Digital Library.

Book contents

1. RF Basics

2. Signals, Noise and Modulation

3. Propagation

4. Antennas

5. Filters

6. Noise

7. Linearity

8. Mixers

9. Oscillators

10. Cascade Design

11. Digitizing

12. Demodulation



About the author

Kevin McClaning graduated from the University of Akron in 1982 with a BSEE and continued his education at Johns Hopkins, attaining an MSEE in 1986. He has been the lead architecht on five large receiving systems for various government customers and consults on RF matters on a regular basis. He has taught two electrical engineering courses at JHU - Microwave Systems and Components, and Wireless Communication Circuits.

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