Telecommunications Measurements: analysis and instrumentation

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  • Year: 1996

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A rare text dedicated to high-performance measurement techniques in modern communications.

It describes high performance measurement techniques for digital communications and digital signal processing in radio and microwave systems, wire line channels, as well as measurements for analog communications channels.

The purpose of this book is to present the engineering considerations necessary for the comprehension of modern telecommunication measurement and related instrumentation and analysis techniques. This is not an academic book in the sense of analytical communications or measurement theory. Rather, it stresses the measurements, experimental analysis and instrumentation problems related to communications systems.

This book provides a strong foundation for understanding the special problems associated with testing modern communications systems. Its original publication anticipated the needs of communications engineers, setting a foundation for current work. The book's continued availability assures that new engineers will have access to a key reference text in this important area of technology.

Book contents

1. Digital Transmission Systems
2. DSP Techniques
3. DSP in Telephone Channel Measurements and Instrumentation
4. Overcoming Intrinsic Uncertainties in PCM Channel Measurements
5. Error Performance Analysis of Digital Transmission Systems
6. Limits and Measurements of Jitter Tolerance and Digital Transmission Systems
7. Digital Radio Measurement Techniques
8. FDM System Testing and Network Surveillance
9. Analog Microwave Diagnostic Measurements
10. Enhanced Microwave Radio Measurements Using a Tracking Down Converter
11. Phase-Noise Measurements

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