Telecommunications Performance Engineering

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  • Year: 2003

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-341-4

  • Pagination: 304pp.

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Scope: This title provides an insight into the rich diversity of techniques, tools and knowledge used in performance engineering, covering the whole life cycle - from design through to operation - of both networks and systems.  Performance modelling is discussed as an essential technique, providing the ability to predict performance through a quantitative understanding of how varying demand affects the behaviour of a system or network.  

Performance testing is discussed as offering the final opportunity to address the concerns of economic pressures pushing the identification and resolution of performances further down the supplier chain.  And the rapid introduction of widespread Internet access through IP-dial, the performance of live networks and systems and the performance implications of delivering broadband services are also examined.

Book contents

Performance - A Retrospective View. Traffic Characterisation and Modelling. Adaptive Network Overload Controls. Realising Effective Intelligent Network Overload Controls. Performance Testing - A Case Study of a Combined Web/Telephony System. Potential Interactions Between IP-dial and Voice Traffic on the PSTN. Techniques for the Study of QoS in IP Networks. Capacity Planning for Carrier-scale IP Networks. Peformance Monitoring for In-Life Capacity Management. Performance Modelling - What, Why, When and How. Performance Health Check. Performance and the Broadband Window. Success Factors of On-line Business Communities.
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