Telecommunications Network Modelling, Planning and Design

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  • Year: 2003

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-323-0

  • Pagination: 260pp

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Scope: This book covers some of the major issues facing telecommunications network engineers and managers today.  Topics covered include network planning for transmission systems, modelling of SDH transport network structures and telecommunications network design and performance modelling, as well as network costs and ROI modelling and QoS in 3G networks.  This practical book will prove a valuable resource to network engineers and managers working in today's competitive telecommunications environment.


Telecoms/communications specialists. Academic modellers

Book contents

Transport Network Life-Cycle Modelling. Advanced Modelling Techniques for Designing Survivable Telecommunications Networks. Strategic Network Topology and a Capacity Planning Tool-Kit for Core Transmission Systems. A Bayesian Network Datamining Approach for Modelling the Physical Condition of Copper Access Networks. Emergent Properties of the BT SDH Network. EMC Emissions Certification for Large Systems - a Risk Management Approach. Performance Modelling. Communications Network Cost Optimisation and Return on Investment Modelling. A New Approach in Admission Control and Radio Resource Management for Multiserive UMTS. The Role of Development in Computational Systems. Adaptive Security and Robust Networks.
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