Network Design, Modelling and Performance Evaluation

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  • Year: 2018

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Designed for ICT professionals involved in the planning, design, development, testing and operation of network services, this book is ideal for self-teaching. It will help readers evaluate a network situation and identify the most important aspects to be monitored and analysed. The author provides a detailed step by step methodological approach to network design from the analysis of the initial network requirements to architecture design, modeling, simulation and evaluation, with a special focus on statistical and queuing models. The chapters are structured as a series of independent modules that can be combined for designing university courses. Practice exercises are given for selected chapters, and case studies will take the reader through the whole network design process.

About the Author

Quoc-Tuan Vien is a Senior Lecturer within the Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University, London, UK. His research interests include physical layer security, network coding,non-orthogonal multiple access, energy harvesting, spectrum sensing, device-to-device communications, relay networks, cognitive radio networks, heterogeneous networks, wireless network-on-chip, public safety networks, and cloud radio access networks. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Fellow of the HEA. He is an Editor of International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting and a Guest Editor of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems. He is also a TPC member and reviewer of many IEEE conferences and journals.

Book readership

Written with ICT professionals in mind. This book is aimed at researchers and engineers involved in the planning, design, development, testing and operation of network services. A must-read for Lecturers and students (Master, PhD) in ICTs (communications, computer and networking engineering). 

Book contents

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Chapter 1: Internetworking & Network Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Routing in Computer Networks

Chapter 3: Internet Protocol Addressing

Chapter 4: Network Analysis, Architecture and Design

Chapter 5: Network Requirement Analysis

Chapter 6: Network Flow Analysis

Chapter 7: Network Performance Evaluation

Chapter 8: Network Simulation Models

Chapter 9: Statistical Models in Network Simulation

Chapter 10: Probabilities in Performance Analysis

Chapter 11: Random Variables in Network Modelling and Simulation

Chapter 12: Discrete Random Variables and Their Applications

Chapter 13: Continuous Random Variables and Their Applications

Chapter 14: Random Variable Generation in Network Simulation

Chapter 15: Queuing Theory for Network Modelling and Performance Evaluation

Chapter 16: Single-Server Queues – Network Behaviours & Analysis

Chapter 17: Multi-Server Queues – Network Behaviours & Analysis



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