Internet and Wireless Security

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  • Year: 2002

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-197-1

  • Pagination: 304pp.

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Scope: Many organisations are transforming their businesses through the development of information and communications technologies. The security of this e-commerce is now a key enabler for businesses and this book presents an overview of current and future infrastructures for e-business including XML security mechanisms and next generation Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), as well as digital archiving and wireless security which is set to be a huge growth area with the full rollout of 3G mobile networks. TETRA security, firewalls and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies are all discussed to provide business solutions for end-to-end secure networking.

This book is essential reading for IT and security professionals as well managers involved in the implementation of e-businesses.

Book review

"A valuable contribution to the understanding of security from BTexact Technologies" Software World

Book readership

IT professionals, telecommunications engineers, managers and researchers interested in security in communications.


Reference, professional, postgraduate.

Book contents

Foreword, C. Earnshaw; 1: Introduction, J. Regnault and R. Temple; 2: Building on Rock Rather Than Sand-the Importance of Trusted Infrastructure for e-Business, M. Hogg and M, Smeaton; 3: XML and Security, A. Selkirk; 4: Using XML Security Mechanisms - A. Selkirk; 5: Security Modelling Language, M. Simms; 

6: Next Generation Public Key Infrastructures, K. Bosworth and N. Tedeschi; 7: An overview of identifier-based public key cryptography, I. Levy; 8: Digital Archiving of High Value Data, T. Wright; 9: Wireless Security, C. Blanchard and N. Trask; 10: Wireless PKI, N. Trask and S. Jaweed; 

11: TETRA Security, D. Parkinson; 12: "Firewalls-Evolve or Die", D. Gooch et al; 13: Concert VPDN, G. Shorrock; 14: Information Assurance, C. Colwill et al; 15: Biometrics, Marek Rejman-Greene; 16: Transforming the 'Weakest Link' : an HCI framework for usable and effective security, M. Sasse et al; 17: BS7799, M. Kenning; Glossary; Index.

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