Future Mobile Networks: 3G and beyond

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  • Year: 2001

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-983-0

  • Pagination: 264pp

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Scope: This book explores the future of mobile communications networks given the increasing demands for services and higher quality, as well as the continued growth in the cellular mobile marketplace and the new private mobile radio systems. These demands will impact on the developments that are likely to occur in the near future which will continue to drive forward the technological capabilities.

This book investigates the implications of increasing mobile customer numbers on a global scale and the convergence of mobile and the internet, which, it is envisaged, will provide the next massive growth burst to the mobile market and 3G networks. It will be essential reading for communications engineers and managers who need to understand the expanding market expectations and the technological solutions available in this dynamic field.

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers and managers, researchers and postgraduate students in communications /electrical engineering.


Reference, professional, postgraduate

Book contents

1: Virtual University Research Initiative on Mobility, R M Dennis et al; 2: Virtual centre of excellence in mobile and personal communications, K Holley and K Hall; 3: 3G products-what will the technology enable?, J Harmer and C Friel; 4: The development of mobile is critically dependent on standards, F Harrison and K Holley; 5: GSM to UMTS-architecture evolution to support multimedia, N Lobley; 

6: Voice and Internet multimedia in UMTS networks, M Bale; 7: 3G service control, M Cookson and D Smith; 8: The OSA API and other related issues, R Stretch; 9: Services via mobility portals, D Ralph and C Shepard; 10: Terminal development and their media capabilities, W Johnston; 

11: The future of radio access in 3G, J Harris; 12: Edge mobility architecture-routing and hand-off, A O'Neill and G Tsirtsis; 13: 3G trials and developments, C Fenton et al; 14: BT's mobile joint ventures and alliances, T Parker.

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