Carrier-scale IP Networks: designing and operating internet networks

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  • Year: 2001

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-982-3

  • Pagination: 312pp.

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Scope: Communications networks are now dominated by Internet protocol (IP) technologies. This book comprehensively reviews the design, provision and operations of carrier-scale Internet networks. Every aspect of networking, from access to the core network to the surrounding operational support systems has been radically affected by the rapid development of IP technologies and this book presents a good balance between leading edge technology and many of the practical issues surrounding carrier-scale IP networks. This makes for essential reading for those with a technical or business interest in this rapidly changing area.

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers and managers, researchers and postgraduate students in communications /electrical engineering.


Reference, professional, postgraduate.

Book contents

1: The challenges in building a carrier-scale IP network, P Willis; 

2: An introduction to IP networks, S Challinor; 

3: Scaling global Internet networks, A Howcroft; 

4: The art of peering, S Bartholomew; 

5: How to physically build and maintain PoP's around the world, T Brain; 

6: UK core transmission network for the new millennium, I Hawker et al; 

7: Delivery of IP over broadband access technologies, M Enrico et al; 

8: Wireless access, C Fenton et al; 

9: Dial access platform, J Chuter; 

10:An overview of satellite access networks, M Fitch and A Fidler; 

11: Operations for the IP environment, J Ozdural; 

12: Operational models and processes within BT's and Concert's ISP business, J Meaneaux; 

13: Operational support systems for carrier scale IP networks, C Hatch et al; 

14: IP address management, P Roberts and S Challinor; 

15: Traffic engineering, S Spraggs; 

16: IP virtual private networks, S Hills et al; glossary; index

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