Radio Spectrum Management, 2nd Edition

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  • Year: 1999

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-770-6

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Scope: Subtitled 'Management of the spectrum and regulation of radio services', this comprehensively updated revision of the author's 1991 text reviews measures to manage the radio frequency spectrum and gives insight into the regulatory process. As demand for new radio services increases, so does the need for efficient use and management of available frequencies to minimise interference. Equally, the assignment of frequencies to services by the regulatory authorities is critical commercially to both the service-provider and the user. 

This edition refers to the latest ITU Radio Regulations and will be an invaluable resource for all engineers and administrators in the radio, broadcasting and telecommunications fields.

Book review

"...this book represents everything you ever wanted to know about spectrum management but never dared ask. It is also everything we have come to expect of an IEE publication, written in clear and concise language by a specialist with years of working experience." Info, February 2001

Book readership

Telecommunications and broadcasting managers and engineers; students of radio, broadcasting and communications engineering.


Professional; reference.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: The ITU; 3: Frequency allocation; 4: Frequency assignment; 5: Frequency band planning and mandatory frequency co-ordination; 6: The fixed service; 7: The broadcasting service; 8: The mobile services; 9: The fixed-satellite service; 10: The broadcasting service satellite; 11: The mobile satellite service; 12: The amateur services; 13: The science radio services; 14: The inter-satellite service; 15: Radionavigation and radiolocation; Appendix: Radio propagation and radio noise; Index.

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