Voice over IP: systems and solutions

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  • Year: 2001

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-024-0

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Scope: Voice over IP (VoIP) hit the headlines during the mid-1990's amid claims concerning its impact upon existing Switched Circuit telephony services. Whilst VoIP has clearly provided a focus for much debate within the telecommunications industry, there has been a clear gulf between hype and reality. This book examines VoIP as a technology and its consideration within the industry, the motivations for VoIP networks, a review of the status of the major components of a VoIP network and their development, and both current and emerging applications. 

This makes for essential reading for those with a technical or business interest in this rapidly developing area.

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers and managers, researchers and postgraduate students in communications /electrical engineering.


Reference, professional, postgraduate.

Book contents

: Introduction and overview, R. Swale; 2: Quality VoIP-an engineering challenge not an impossibility, R. Reynolds; 3: VoIP over DSL, D. Thorne; 4: CPE and customer premises networks, A.Catchpole and C.Middleton; 5: Standards, R. Swale and G. Travers; 

6: SCTP and PSTN/IP, K. King and G. Rufa; 7: Gateways, MGCP and MEGACO, B. Rosen; 8: "Bearer independent call control", R. Knight et al; 9: Numbering, Naming and Addressing issues when interconnecting VoIP Networks with Switched circuit networks, Q. Collier; 10 H.323, C. Wilmott and R. Swale; 

11: SIP and conversational Internet applications, D. Wisely; 12: SIP and H.323-Interworking VoIP networks, T. Stephens and R. Swale; 13: Internet telephony, T. Baden et al; 14: Clearinghouses and the interconnection, R. Brennan and R. Swale; 15: Hybrid Applications, A. Heron and Telspec; 

16: TIPHON - an architecture for evolution and revolution, P. Mart et al; 17: Testing and evaluation of VoIP technology, A Heron et al.

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