Telecommunications Signalling

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  • Year: 1999

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-761-4

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Scope: Based on the author's successful previous book, 'Common-channel Signalling', this fully revised edition comprehensively covers the principles of contemporary signalling systems, including System no. 7 and Digital Subscriber Systems, with an in-depth examination of their architecture. from basic architectures through to broadband and internetworking. Chapters are devoted to signalling for mobile, intelligent and private networks, interworking and network management, as well as Internet protocols.

Book review

"This is a first-class reference book, tutorial and discussion. The author is an expert who writes well, and it will become an important addition to the library of those who seek to understand how communications networks work." Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal, April 2001

Book readership

Telecommunications managers and engineers; students of radio and communications engineering.


Professional; reference.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: Principles of Signalling Systems; 3: Architecture of CCS Systems; 4: CCSS7 Message Transfer Part; 5: Signalling Connection Control Part; 6: CCSS7 Narrowband ISDN User Part; 7: Transaction Capabilities; 8: Mobile Communications; 9: Intelligent Network Application Protocol; 10: Management Aspects of CCSS7; 

11: DSSI Physical and Data Link Layers; 12: DSS1 Network Layer; 13: Private Networks; 14: Broadband Signalling Platform; 15: Broadband ISDN User Part for CCSS7; 16: Broadband Access Signalling, DSS2; 17: Interworking of CCS Systems; 18: Internet Protocols; 19: Conclusions; Appendix 1: Networks; Appendix 2: Channel Associated Signalling; Appendix 3: Evolution of Signalling Systems; Appendix 4: ITU-T Signalling System No. 6; Appendix 5: CCSS7 Telephone User Part; Appendix 6: Inter-PABX Signalling; Index.

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