Scope: Over the last decade, mobile telecommunications has grown dramatically, from a niche technology to a massive industry. As the mobile phone becomes ubiquitous and the divisions between PCs, personal digital assistants, mobiles phones and other mobile devices becomes blurred, the security both of the information handled by these devices and the devices themselves becomes increasingly important. The book consists of 17 chapters covering current developments in security for mobility; underlying technologies; network security; mobile code issues; application security; and the future.

About the Editor: Professor Chris Mitchell is currently Professor of Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Prior to his appointment he was Project Manager in the Networks and Communications Laboratory of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol, UK.

Book readership

Telecommunications and mobile communications engineers.

Book contents

Underlying Technologies. Cryptography for Mobile Security. PKI in Mobile Systems. The Personal PKI. The Smartcard as a Mobile Security Device. Security Mobile Tokens - The Future. Network Security. UMTS Security. Securing Network Access in Future Mobile Systems. Public Key Based Network Access. Security in Personal Area Networks. 

Towards the Security of Routing in Ad Hoc Networks. Security Issues in Mobile IPv6 Networks. Mobile Code Issues. Security for Agent Systems and Mobile Agents. Security Issues for Downloaded Code in Mobile Phones. Application Security. Secure Mobile Commerce. Securing the Delivery of Digital Content Over the Internet. Security for Future Standardisation. DRM. The Future. Pioneering Advanced Mobile Privacy and Security.

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