Data Communications and Networks, 3rd edition

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  • Year: 1994

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-804-8

  • Pagination: 256pp.

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Scope: Accompanying the revised IEE Vacation School, this third edition revises and updates Brewster's successful book. There is considerable new material, in particular in the areas of broadband ISDN technology, local area networks (LANs) and network management. The aim overall is to provide an appreciation of the strategies and techniques available for the provision of data communications both nationally and internationally.

Book readership

Telecommunications and data communications engineers and managers; electrical / communications engineering, computing / information technology.

Book contents

Introduction and overview; Data over analogue systems; The philosophy of the OSI 7-layer model; Data transmission standards and interfaces; ISDN; Broadband ISDN; Basic LAN structures; LANS: Protocols above the medium access layer; Wide area internetworking; Second generation LANs and MANs; Data services over cellular radio; Broadcast systems with data capacity; image networks - a user's view.

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