ATM: the broadband telecommunications solution

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  • Year: 1993

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Scope: The asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is one of the key enabling developments in modern telecommunications technology. Using ATM, new broadband digital networks will allow virtually simultaneous exchange of speech, data (fax or computer) and images (including video). This book explains the basic principles behind the ATM technique but focuses especially on network aspects for the use of ATM by the communications industry. 

The text is developed from research material emanating from the EC's RACE programme (the ATM subgroup comprised 30 European industrial and university partners).

Book readership

Telecommunications management and engineers; electrical engineering students and workers specialising in speech and data communications.

Book contents

Introduction; Asynchronous transfer mode; Applications and services; Networks and network elements; Network performance; Network evolution; Interworking; Numbering and charging; Routeing techniques; Traffic control and resource management; Intelligence in the network; Traffic engineering; Standards, physical layer; ATM adaptation layer; Index.

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