ISDN Applications in Education and Training

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  • Year: 1993

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-860-4

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Scope: Broadband ISDN telephone links now enable real-time video-conferencing and multi-site lecturing as well as personal video communication. This highly topical book sets out the potential of ISDN and considers its practical educational value, costs and opportunities. Case studies of both training and education applications are described from several countries which highlight both practical and philosophical issues for researchers, trainers and managers in education and business, as well as the communications industry itself.

Book readership

Educationalists, trainers and managers; telecommunications management and engineers.


Professional and management, postgraduate.

Book contents

1: ISDN: theoretical specification, practical potential; 2: The educational value of ISDN; 3: ISDN strategic issues; 4: Extending the classroom/campus via digital compressed video; 5: Videoconferencing in a multicampus setting; 6: ISDN-based videoconferencing in Australian tertiary education; 7: Videotelephony in Norway; 8: ISDN videoconferencing; 9: A French experiment in distance learning by ISDN: Le Visiocentre; 10: ISDN technology in teaching; 11: Co-Learn: a multimedia environment for collaborative learning; 12: A multimedia environment for distributed learning; 13: The integration of ISDN into multi-functional visual communications network; Conclusions; Glossary; Index.

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