Digital Signal Filtering, Analysis and Restoration

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  • Year: 2000

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-760-7

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Scope: Aiming to give an introduction to the basic theory of digital signal processing and analysis, this book starts by providing the theoretical background and principal methods for one-dimensional signals before building to more complex signals. Translated and updated from the Czech original, it is not limited to classical methods and devotes a large proportion of its scope to the latest signal processing techniques enabled by modern software. 

Digital signal processing and filtering techniques have applications in fields such as telecommunications and multimedia, but also in measurement and system identification in all branches of engineering and a multitude of other sciences.

Book review

"This is probably one of the best books about general DSP published in the last few years....a good fast reference...a highly practical and instructive book on digital signal processing, warmly recommended for self study as well as for reference." Analog Dialogue, February 2003

Book readership

Researchers and engineers in signal processing; telecommunications engineers; electronics, computer and communications researchers and advanced students.


Professional; postgraduate.

Book contents

1: Properties of discrete and digital methods of signal processing; 2: Discrete signals and systems; 3: Discrete linear transforms; 4: Stochastic processes and their characteristics; 5: Linear filtering of signals and principles of filter design; 6: Signal enhancement by averaging; 7: Complex signals and their applications; 8: Correlation analysis; 9: Spectral analysis; 10: Inverse filtering and restoration of signals in noise; 11: Adaptive filtering and identification; 12: Nonlinear filtering; 13: Signal processing by neural networks; 14: Multidimensional signals; References; Index.

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