Common-channel Signalling

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  • Year: 1991

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-240-4

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Scope: This is a highly readable and lucid introduction to the complex subject of signalling which will enable the reader to understand detailed signalling specifications and international standards recommendations. Manterfield describes the layered architecture of modern systems and identifies the relationship between CCS and the central processor of SPC exchanges, as well as the convergence between techniques used for signalling between exchanges within the main network and those used between the network and customer equipment. There are useful chapter summaries as well as a full glossary of abbreviations and technology.

Book contents

1: Principles of signalling systems; 2: Channel-associated signalling; 3: CCITT Signalling System No. 6; 4: Architecture of modern CCS systems; 5: CCITT No. 7 transfer mechanisms; 6: CCITT No. 7 user parts; 7: Transaction capabilities; 8: DSS1 physical and data-link layers; 9: DSS1 network layer; 10: Interworking of CCS systems; 11: Conclusions; Index.

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