Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd edition

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  • Year: 1999

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-899-4

  • Pagination: 753pp.

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Scope: A thoroughly up-to-date revision of this successful book, based on the series of IEE Vacation Schools. The text aims to give the professional engineer or graduate student a fully comprehensive yet practical understanding of the principles and technological issues of this major subject. As with all Vacation School based material, there is a strong tutorial element and real-world orientation.

Book review

"An excellent introduction to the key aspects of satellite communications, including regulatory and planning as well as technical considerations" IEE Review, 1999

Book readership

Electronics and communications engineering.


Professional; postgraduate; reference.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 
2: An historical overview of satellite communications; 
3: The satellite communications business; 

4: Radio regulatory consideration relating to satellite communications systems; 
5: Introduction to antennas; 
6: Propagation considerations relating to satellite communications systems; 

7: Interference considerations relating to satellite communications systems; 
8: Access techniques; 
9: Modulation and modems; 

10: Channel coding; 
11: Satellite systems planning; 
12: Earth station engineering; 

13: Satellite engineering for communications satellites; 
14: Payload Engineering; 
15: Earth station and satellite antennas; 

16: Satellite networking; 
17: Digital audio broadcasting by satellite; 
18: Digital video broadcasting by satellite; 

19: Mobile satellite communications; 
20: Satellite personal communication networks; 
21: Satellite navigation: a brief introduction; 

22: VSATS for business systems; 
23: Military satellite communications; 
24: Microsatellites and minisatellites for affordable access to space; 

25: Future trends in satellite communications; 
Appendices A, B, C; 

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