Modern Personal Radio Systems

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  • Year: 1995

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-861-1

  • Pagination: 322pp.

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Scope: An exciting up-to-date treatment of the latest practical developments in personal and mobile radio, aimed at the engineer entering this field or seeking a good grounding in it. 

This book builds onto, rather than replaces, the base set out in Macario's earlier, highly successful book, Personal and Mobile Radio Systems. It gives a clear and detailed insight into many of the fundamental problems and solutions of practical systems development, service requirements, coverage problems, multipath interference, cellular architectures and signaling, network management, data services etc. including the approach of the GSM methodology.

Book readership

Electrical / electronic / communications engineers, managers and students.

Book contents

User requirements - services and systems; Coverage prediction methodologies; Multipath combating and modulation methods; Professional user radio systems; Cellular radio planning methods; Cellular architectures and signaling; Current cellular network management centres; Mobility, handover and power control in GSM; Mobility management for very large networks; Microcellular network evolution; Future Cellular access methods; GSM data, Telematic and supplementary services; Future satellite mobile telephone networks; Index.

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