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  • Year: 2002

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-444-6

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Scope: Telecommunications Regulation examines the background to regulation and the work of the regulator. It discusses typical regulatory rules and the legal and administrative framework for regulation, and looks at regulatory strategies, market structures and approaches to price control. 

The book includes a number of case studies which show how regulators engage with such topical issues as interconnection and loop unbundling, and also features technical coverage of both numbering and number portability. 

Finally, it looks at new products and services such as virtual network operators, intelligent networks, radio spectrum and next generation networks, and considers the impact these might have on the future of regulation.

Publication of this book is very timely since it includes coverage of the four new European Directives on Telecommunications Regulation (the Framework Directive, the Access and Interconnection Directive, the Authorisation Directive and the Universal Service Directive) which came into force on 23 July 2003.

A comprehensive, in-depth guide to the subject, this book will be a valuable resource for engineers and managers in the industry, as well as lawyers and economists needing an insight into current telecommunications regulation.

Author biography
John Buckley has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Now an independent consultant, he worked with Intercai Mondiale from 1996 to 2002, and before that held various senior technical and management positions in product development, technical consultancy and research with BT. 

He has specialised interests in network architecture and the commercial significance of technology, and has published papers on numbering, advanced trends and the next steps in network evolution.

Book review

"John Buckley succeeds in providing a valuable insight into the process of developing telecommunications regulation. His book should help promote a greater understanding of its purpose and application for many engineers, lawyers, economists and other professionals working in the industry" IEE Review Careers, Mid October 2003

" ideal introduction to the world of telecommunications regulation, perfect for someone entering this arena, or needing to understand it as part of their role." Communications Engineer, December 2003

Book contents

Legal Basis for Regulation. Economic Basis for Regulation. Numbering. Number Portability. Interconnect. Technical Interfaces. New Services. Quality of Service and Regulation. History Survey of Telecommunications Regulation.

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