Radar Micro-Doppler Signature: Processing and Applications

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Radar Micro-Doppler Signature: Processing and Applications concentrates on the processing and application of radar micro-Doppler signatures in real world situations, providing readers with a good working knowledge on a variety of applications of radar micro-Doppler signatures.

The micro-Doppler effect appears as Doppler frequency modulations in coherent laser or microwave radar systems induced by mechanical vibrations or rotations of a target or any part on the target. These Doppler modulations become a distinctive signature of a target that incorporates vibrating or rotating structures, and provides evidence of the identity of the target with movement.

This book concentrates on the processing and application of radar micro-Doppler signatures in real world situations such as;

  • Detection, tracking and discrimination of targets with movements
  • Analysis and identifying human movement
  • Analysis and identifying helicopters
  • Detection and tracking small boats in sea
  • Analysis of wind turbines

Topics covered include; bistatic/multistatic micro-Doppler signatures, decomposition of micro-Doppler signatures, through-wall radar micro-Doppler signatures and ultrasound micro-Doppler signature studies.

Supplementary material files can be found on IET Digital Library.

About the Editors

Dr. Victor C. Chen is internationally recognised for his work on micro-Doppler signatures and time-frequency based image formation techniques. He was the first researcher to develop the time-frequency based image formation method and one of the first to demonstrate radar micro-Doppler signatures of a walking person. Dr. Chen has published more than 150 papers and articles on the topic.

Dr. Dave Tahmoush is a Caltech graduate and Fulbright research scholar, and works at the US Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland on micro-Doppler signatures and classification analysis as well as urban aided target recognition.  

William J. Miceli is based at the Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA.

Book readership

Radar Micro-Doppler Signature: Processing and Applications will be of interest to R&D researchers and engineers in government research centres, industries, and universities around the world who work on radar imaging and signal analysis, target feature extraction, and non-cooperative target recognition.

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