Phased-Array Radar Design

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  • Book title: Phased-Array Radar Design: application of radar fundamentals

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  • Year: 2008

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-1-89112-169-2

  • Pagination: 320 pp.

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Phased-Array Radar Design is a text-reference designed for electrical engineering graduate students in colleges and universities as well as for corporate in-house training programs for radar design engineers, especially systems engineers and analysts who would like to gain hands-on, practical knowledge and skills in radar design fundamentals, advanced radar concepts, trade-offs for radar design and radar performance analysis.

This book is a concise yet complete treatment of the relationship between mission-level requirements and specific hardware and software requirements and capabilities. Although focusing on surface-based radars, the material is general enough to serve as a useful addition to books currently available for this purpose. It covers all phases of design and development, including the development of initial concepts and overall system requirements, system architecture, hardware and software subsystem requirements, detailed algorithms and system integration and test. This book provides a wealth of information rarely covered in one book. It is unique in that it provides a “hands on” and “how to” perspective on applying radar theory to design and analysis. Rather than being a theory and derivations-type, this book is applications-oriented making it different from other published works on this subject.

Book contents

Key Features:

• Reviews the key radar theory fundamentals and key concepts.

• Provides detailed descriptions of major radar functions: search, track and target classification.

• Presents numerous examples including: performance-driven radar requirements, mission-driven requirements and performance predictions.

• Gives a rare treatment of resource management and waveform scheduling.

• Presents in-depth coverage of radar data processing algorithms.

• Displays modern radar architectures.
• Overviews radar reference architectures for modern phased-array radars (more precisely, electronically-steered array (ESA) radars).

• This 300 page book includes 15 chapters with many color illustrations, and figures of fundamentals to show use of concepts.

About the author

Tom Jeffrey has over thirty years of broad experience in radar systems engineering covering all phases of design and development. He has led systems engineering teams; developed systems engineering training programs as well as mentoring new systems engineers. The author has taught a number of radar-related courses at Raytheon Co. on basic and advanced radar, adaptive processing, architecting methods and served as an instructor for IDS for the Systems Engineering Technical Development Program. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of INCOSE. Additionally, Mr. Jeffrey has authored more than a dozen papers on various radar related topics. Mr. Jeffrey received his BSEEE from the University of Connecticut and MSEEE from Syracuse University. Currently, he is a senior engineering fellow at the Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Business Unit.

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