Fundamentals of Ground Radar

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  • Book title: Fundamentals of Ground Radar For Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians

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  • Year: 2009

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-1-89112-175-3

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This is a standard reference for FAA and military air traffic control engineers and maintenance technicians focused on ground-based radar systems. With the evolution and increasing sophistication of modern radar systems, now more than ever a single-source reference is needed that contains simply understandable information on MTI, MTD, and Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon systems.

There is a downside to the drive away from knowledge-based problem solving...massive increases in costs and waste inherent in the idea of lowest replaceable units. Fewer technicians are expected to manage more systems while knowing less about their equipment. This unique training and reference text will not only provide answers for day-to-day tasks, it will also help allay cost increases and waste.

Key features

• A single-source reference for ground radar, containing definitions, equations, conversions and useful data.

• Contains built-in aids for self teaching: chapter questions with answers, extensive glossary, data appendices.

• The most thorough and easily understandable information published on MTI, MTD, and Air Traffic Control Beacon systems.

• A unique and thorough treatment of the development of the radar maximum range equation and the effects upon maximum range by variations within the equation.

• Rare chapters on professional ethics and history.

Book contents

Chapter 1. Radar's Rich History and Development

Chapter 2. The Professional Radar Engineer/Technician

Chapter 3. Logarithms, DeciBels, and Power

Chapter 4. The Science Behind Radar

Chapter 5. Magnetron versus Synthesis

Chapter 6. Circuitry and Hardware

Chapter 7. Secondary Radar Systems

Chapter 8. Microwave Transmission Lines and Cavities

Chapter 9. Radar Synchronizers

Chapter 10. Radar Transmitters

Chapter 11. Radar Receivers

Chapter 12. Moving Target Indicators and the Doppler Effect

Chapter 13. An Mti Processor

Chapter 14. The Moving Target Detector Mti System

Chapter 15. Radar Displays

Appendix A. Annotated Glossary

Appendix B. Major Equations

Appendix C. Conversions and Constants

Appendix D. Government Nomenclatures

Appendix E. Radar Frequencies

Appendix F. Greek Alphabet in Radar

Appendix G. Technical Expression

Appendix H. Trigonometry

About the author

Ronald D. Bouwman has amassed 51 years of experience in radar systems. He began his career in air traffic control radar in the United States Air Force as a ground control approach radar repairman. He continued in the field, holding various positions including picket-ship electronics technician on the Atlantic Missile Range, Titan I Missile System ground electronics installation technician, FAA radar technician, senior publications engineer at ITT Gilfillan, FAA technician and technical expert, FAA Academy radar instructor, FAA field office manager, and FAA Academy contract instructor. Ronald has maintained a variety of interests throughout his life, including artistic work, writing, and mechanical and electrical device technology.

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