Weibull Radar Clutter

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  • Year: 1990

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-191-5

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Scope: The material presented in this book is intended to provide the reader with a practical treatment of Weibull distribution as applied to radar systems. Topics include general derivation of Weibull distribution, measurements of Weibull-distribution clutter, comparison of Weibull distribution including Rayleigh, gamma, log-normal and k- distributions, constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detectors for Weibull clutter, non-parametric CFAR detectors, and signal detection in the time and frequency domains. In particular, the Akaike information Criterion (AIC), which is a rigorously mathematical fit of the hypothetical distribution to the data, is emphasised.

Book contents

Preface; Introduction; References; 1. Fundamentals of Weibull distribution References; 2. Radar clutter as statistics with Weibull distribution; 3. Signal detection in Weibull clutter; 4. Suppression of Weibull clutter; 5. Appendixes; Index.


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