Air and Space-borne Radar Systems

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  • Year: 2001

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-981-6

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Scope: This new practical title provides a comprehensive account of the current state of the main types of airborne and spaceborne radar systems. Each system is covered in terms of the basic radar principles, functions and properties, as well as the radar's role within the overall system and mission. Given changing operational requirements, the authors also consider how radar may evolve into the future. The book benefits greatly from the unique knowledge of the author team, who are working in a company considered to be a centre of excellence for commercial radar development.

Book readership

Research scientists, engineers and managers working in radar, electrical and electronic engineering, aviation and space technology.


Reference, professional, postgraduate.

Book contents

1: General principles: history and basic principles of radar; initial statements of operational requirements; the radar equation; propagation; noise and spurious signals; detection of point targets. 2: Target detection and tracking: clutter cancellation; air-to-air detection; air target tracking; ground target detection and tracking; maritime target detection and tracking; electromagnetic pollution. 

3: Ground mapping and imagery: ground mapping; radar imagery; synthetic aperture radar (SAR); SAR specific aspects; inverse SAR; other observation radars . 4: Principal applications: radar applications and role; design overview; multifunction radar; technological aspects. 5: Radars of the future: the changing target; operational aspects; principal limitations of present day radars; electronically steered antennas; airborne and spaceborne radar enhancement; conclusions.

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