Scope: This book gives an introduction to the possibilities of radar technology based on active array antennas, giving examples of modern practical systems, many of which were developed in Europe. In addition to coverage of antennas, array signal processing, adaptive digital beamforming, adaptive monopulse, superresolution, and sequential detection, several modern systems are described including space-time adaptive processing (STAP), moving target detection using synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and several other experimental phased array radar systems. There are many valuable lessons presented for designers of future high standard multifunction radar systems for military and civil applications. 

The book will appeal to graduate level engineers, researchers, and managers in the field of radar, aviation and space technology.

Book readership

Research scientists, engineers and managers working in radar, electrical and electronic engineering, aviation and space technology.


Reference, professional, postgraduate.

Book contents

1: Introduction; 2: Signal Representation and Basic Computations; 3: Statistical Signal Theory; 4: Array Antennas; 5: Beam Forming; 6: Sampling and Digitalisation of Signals; 7: Pulse Compression with Polyphase Codes; 8: Detection of Pulse Series; 9: Sequential Detection; 10: Adaptive Jammer Suppression; 11:Monopulse; 12: Superresolution in Angle; 13: Space-Time Adaptive Processing; 14: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with active Phased Array; 15: Inverse Synthetic Aperture (ISAR); 16: Spectral Target Classification by JEM; 17: Experimental Phased Array System ELRA; 18: Floodlight Radar Concept; 19: System Optimisation.


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