Solar Photovoltaic Energy

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  • Year: 2010

  • Format: Paperback

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-154-8

  • Pagination: 376 pp.

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This professional manual on photovoltaic energy gives designers, installers and managers the tools and methods for the effective writing of technical reports; and calculating, installing and maintain the necessary components (solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, conductors etc.) with the aim of designing and putting in place photovoltaic installations adapted to specific needs, conserving energy and taking into account both the opportunities and limits of this new energy.

It gives a detailed account of the physical phenomena (conversion and storage of solar energy) as well as the available technology and the technology currently in development.

Book readership

Students and professionals with an interest or working in renewable energy and related fields.

Book contents

What is solar photovoltaic energy? The components of a PV generator. The role of PV is sustainable development. Light in all forms. Terrestrial solar radiation. Photovoltaic conversion. The function of the PV junction. Crystalline silicone cells and modules. Thin-film silicone cells and modules. CdTe modules. CIS and CIGS modules. Special modules. Grid-connected PV systems: feed-in principles and tariffs. Components for grid-connected systems.

Grid-connected systems - sizing of integrated roofs. PV generator on a terrace roof or in open country. Typical 12.6 kW system in different countries. Grid company regulations. Cost analysis. Examples of installed systems. Components of a standalone system. Appliances for standalone systems. Standalone applications in developed countries. Standalone systems in hot countries. Design of a standalone PV system. Case studies.

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