Scenarios for a Future Electricity Supply

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  • Book title: Scenarios for a Future Electricity Supply: cost-optimized variations on supplying Europe and its neighbours with electricity from renewable energies

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  • Year: 2011

  • Format: HB

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  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-156-2

  • Pagination: 750pp

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In this groundbreaking book, energy systems modelling expert Dr Gregor Czisch analyses electricity supply options for Europe and its neighbouring regions. He describes how our electricity supply could be structured in an optimally cost-effective manner largely based on currently available technologies. Czisch proposes that power plant usage and selection be optimised in a manner that takes full account of the availability and intermittency of renewables. To this end, the author provides a number of solutions entailing a wide range of thought-provoking scenarios. 

Czisch’s visionary study shows that a pan-European renewables-based supergrid using high-voltage DC lines extending into North Africa could supply an area spanning 50 countries with a combined population of 1.1 billion. The author demonstrates that such a supergrid would obviate the need for fossil fuels and nuclear power, and that its costs would be on a par with or perhaps even lower than our current electricity supply system.

Book readership

Students and professionals with an interest in the field or for those working in renewable energy, politicians and other energy decision makers.

Book contents

Other research on the energy supply of the future; The use of solar energy generation; Wind power; Biomass utilisation; Hydropower; Utilisation of geothermal energy; Downdraught energy towers; Secondary energy carrier hydrogen for provision of backup capacity; Fusion power plants; Fossil-fired power plants; Electricity demand and transport; Power plant usage and selection planning; Electricity generation scenarios in various technical and political contexts; Scenario table legends; Concluding observations.

Translated from German by HE Translations. 
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