Industrial Power Systems with Distributed and Embedded Generation

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  • Year: 2018

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Energy for today’s complex electrical power systems is increasingly being generated and distributed locally using small-scale, renewable energy sources. The addition of renewables to the grid requires new tools and operation methods, both for suppliers and industrial consumers.

This book describes the supporting technologies that can turn conventional passive electricity delivery networks into the active networks of the future, with a focus on electricity utilization in the industrial environment.It examines the integration of the new, dispersed sources with the legacy systems of centralised generation, as well as how the new technologies can operate effectively in isolated systems. Industrial power distribution, lighting, motor control and protection are discussed in detail.

About the Author

Radian Belu is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Southern University and A&M College, USA. His research focuses on power engineering, renewable energy sources and Grid integration. He has published a large number of research papers.

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The presentation of the details of the enabling technologies makes this book a valuable reference for researchers, students and engineers involved in the planning, design and installation of new systems or the upgrading of existing ones.

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