Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks

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  • Year: 2009

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A companion to Embedded Generation by Nick Jenkins and his colleagues, this book is a timely publication for an evolving industry. Renewable energy, ancillary services and deregulation of the power industry are changing electricity delivery networks. Microgrids, smart grids and active distribution networks require a sound understanding of the basic concepts, generation technologies, impacts, operation, control and management, economic viability and market participation involved in grid integration.

Practicing engineers in utilities and industry, researchers and students will appreciate this lucid description of the technologies that will enable future electricity systems.

About the Authors

S.Chowdhury is a Senior Research Officer of Electrical Engineering Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa. She was a consulting engineer at M.N.Dastur and Co.Ltd. from 1991 to 1996 and then held various academic posts at Women's Polytechnic, Kolkata, India from 1998 to 2007. She is member of the IET (UK), IE(I) and Member of IEEE(USA).

S.P.Chowdhury is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor at Jadavpur University, India between 1993 and 2008. He is fellow of the IET (UK) with C.Eng., IE(I) and the IETE(I) and member of IEEE(USA). He is member of Knowledge Management Board (KMB), previously Technical Professional Service Board (TPSB), of the IET(UK).

P.Crossley is Director of the Joule Centre since 2008 and Professor of Power Systems since 2006 in the University of Manchester, UK. He was at Queen's University, Belfast as Professor and Director of Power and Energy research cluster between 2002 and 2006 and at UMIST, UK as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader between 1991 and 2002.

Book review

“Microgrid is a de-centralized electricity generation combined with on-site production of heat. It bears the promise of substantial environmental benefits, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic arrays or wind turbines. With the use of modern control technologies, Microgrids can achieve a good match between generation and load, resulting in a low impact on the electricity network despite a potentially significant level of generation by intermittent energy sources.

The book discussed here is showcasing the impacts of issues discussed above. It deals with the basic concept, technical features, operational and management issues, economic viability and market participation in deregulated environment of distributed generation (DG) systems and the integration of distributed energy resources (DER) in the form of Microgrid/active distribution networks in a broad perspective. The author emphasizes that the state regulatory bodies need to take initiatives for rapid implementation of the new technology for greater benefits to the distribution systems, which is also the demand of the hour.” 

Sukumar Mishra and Anjali Garg, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

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