Lightning Electromagnetics

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  • Year: 2012

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There is a need today to provide engineers, scientists and newcomers to the field with a book that will guide them through the basic principles and elevate their knowledge to a level where they can analyze the complicated situation in question through computer simulations.

This book provides the rules and computations procedures to bridge this physical understanding with high level computational procedures to model each and every electromagnetic process, whether static or dynamic, and their effects and interactions.

This book makes it possible for the reader to apply the knowledge gained from these books such as The Lightning Flash, IET 2003 and Lightning Protection, IET 2010 and obtain first hand experience through simulations on the processes generating the electromagnetic field of thunderclouds and lightning flashes and the effects of these electromagnetic fields.

They will also experience how the results described in these books will emerge when Maxwell’s equations are combined with basic laws conservation laws of nature and physics of electrical discharges.  

Uniquely, the information provided in this book is not limited to lightning scientists and lightning protection engineers alone. The procedures used to study the interaction of lightning electromagnetic fields with structures, power lines and telecommunication systems can also be used to study the interaction of the said components with electromagnetic fields generated by any radio transmitter.

Thus, the book provides mathematical tools and computational techniques that will be appreciated by Physicists, Engineers, Geologists, Space Scientists, Atmospheric Chemists and Environmental Scientists.

Book readership

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Physics and Engineering Students, Lightning Protection and EMC Engineers and those working within the areas of Electrical Engineering, Computer engineering and Physics

Book contents

  • Basic electromagnetic theory
  • Application of electromagnetic fields of an accelerating charge to obtain the electromagnetic fields of a propagating current pulse
  • Basic discharge processes in the atmosphere
  • Numerical simulations of non-thermal electrical discharges in air
  • Modelling of charging processes in clouds
  • The physics of lightning flash development
  • Return stroke models for engineering applications
  • Electromagnetic models of lightning return strokes
  • Antenna models of lightning return-stroke: an integral approach
  • Transmission line models of lightning return stroke
  • On the various approximations to calculate lightning return stroke-generated electric and magnetic fields over finitely conducting ground
  • Propagation effects on electromagnetic fields generated by lightning return strokes: Review of simplified formulas and their validity assessment
  • Lightning electromagnetic field calculations in presence of a conducting ground: the numerical treatment of Sommerfeld’s integrals
  • Measurements of lightning-generated electromagnetic fields
  • The Schumann resonances
  • Lightning effects in the mesosphere and ionosphere
  • The effects of lightning on the ionosphere/magnetosphere
  • Interaction of lightning-generated electromagnetic fields with overhead and underground cables
  • Scale models and their application to the study of lightning transients in power systems
  • Attachment of lightning flashes to grounded structures
  • On the NOx generation in corona, streamer and low-pressure electrical discharges
  • On the NOx production by laboratory electrical discharges and lightning
  • High energetic radiation from thunderstorms and lightning
  • Excitation of visual sensory experiences by electromagnetic fields of lightning
  • Modelling lightning strikes to tall towers
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