Power Systems Electromagnetic Transients Simulation

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  • Book title: Power Systems Electromagnetic Transients Simulation

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  • Year: 2018

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Accurate knowledge of electromagnetic power system transients is crucial to the operation of an economic, efficient and environmentally friendly power systems network without compromising on the reliability and quality of electrical power supply. Electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation has therefore become a universal tool for the analysis of power system electromagnetic transients in the range of nanoseconds to seconds, and is the backbone for the design and planning of power systems, as well as for the investigation of problems.

In this fully revised and updated new edition of this classic book, a thorough review of EMT simulation is provided, with many simple examples included to clarify difficult concepts. Topics covered include analysis of continuous and discrete systems; state variable analysis; numerical integrator substitution; the root-matching method; transmission lines and cables; transformers and rotating plant; control and protection; power electronic systems; frequency-dependent network equivalents; steady-state assessment; mixed time-frame simulation; transient simulation in real-time; and applications.

About the Authors

Neville Watson is Professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. His research interests focus on electrical power systems, power quality, harmonics, electromagnetic transients, and use of power electronics in power systems. A Senior Member of the IEEE, member of IET and Engineering New Zealand, he has authored numerous books on his research, as well as an impressive number of papers in international journals.

Jos Arrillaga was Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand from 1975 until 2009. He was the author of several books and over 300 publications, was a Fellow of the IET, the IEEE, the Academy of Sciences of New Zealand and the Royal Society of New Zealand. He was the recipient of the 1997 Uno Lamm medal for his contributions to HVDC transmission.


Book readership

This book is ideal for researchers, postgraduate students, academics and professionals working in the area of power system transients. It can also be used by undergraduate students and those that are getting into the area of electromagnetic transients. 

Book contents

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Chapter 1: Definitions Objectives and Background

Chapter 2: Analysis of Continuous and Discrete Systems

Chapter 3: State Variable Analysis

Chapter 4: Numerical integrator substitution

Chapter 5: The Root-Matching Method

Chapter 6: Transmission Lines and Cables

Chapter 7: Transformers and Rotating Plant

Chapter 8: Control and Protection

Chapter 9: Power Electronic Systems

Chapter 10: Frequency-Dependent Network Equivalents

Chapter 11: Steady-State Assessment

Chapter 12: Mixed time-frame simulation

Chapter 13: Transient Simulation in Real-Time

Chapter 14: Applications


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