Electrical Steels Volume 1: Fundamentals and basic concepts

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Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and basic concepts of electrical steels. Topics covered include:

• Soft magnetic materials; basic magnetic concepts; magnetic domains, energy minimisation and magnetostriction and methods of observing magnetic domains in electrical steels.
• Electromagnetic induction; fundamentals of a.c. signals; losses and eddy currents in soft magnetic materials and rotational magnetisation and losses.
• Anistropy of iron and its alloys; magnetic circuits; the effect of mechanical stress on loss, permeability and magnetostriction and magnetic measurements on electrical steels.
• Background to modern electrical steels; production of electrical steels; amorphous and nano-crystalline soft magnetic materials; nickel-iron, cobalt-iron and aluminium-iron alloys; consolidated iron powder and ferrite cores; and temperature and irradiation dependence of magnetic and mechanical properties of soft magnetic materials.

The companion Volume 2 describes performance and outlines applications.

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About the Authors

Anthony Moses is Emeritus Professor of Magnetics at Cardiff University, UK where he was previously Director of the Wolfson Centre for Magnetics. His research focuses on aspects of the production, characterization, and application of soft magnetic materials. He has authored more than 500 papers. He previously served as Chairman of the U.K. Magnetics Society and Chair of the International Organizing Committee of the Soft Magnetic Materials (SMM) series of conferences.

Keith Jenkins worked at the British Steel Electrical Steels Research Department, Orb Works for over 35 years in a variety of technical and research functions, where he built up a wide network of contacts with other electrical steel makers, transformer and motor manufacturers, including Nippon Steel (Japan), Posco (Korea), ThyssenKrupp (Germany), AK Steel (USA), Siemens and ABB (Europe), RollsRoyce (UK). Recently he has been an honorary visiting professor at the Magnetics and Materials Group at Cardiff University’s School of Engineering.

Philip Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Magnetics and Materials Group at Cardiff University’s School of Engineering. He has 25 years of research experience focussing on the on the development, application and characterisation of soft magnetic materials. He is a member of the British and International Standards Committees on Magnetic Alloys and Steels together with the International Organising Committees of several major magnetics conference series.

Hugh Stanbury joined the Electrical Steels Research Department of the British Steel Corporation after graduating in Physics from Imperial College. He progressed to Technical Manager of Orb Electrical Steels, Cogent Power and was responsible for the development of their United Kingdom Accreditation Service Magnetics Standards Laboratory. He currently serves as chair of the British Standards Institution Technical Committee for Magnetic Alloys and Steels and is a former Chair of the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee for Magnetic Alloys and Steels.

Book readership

An essential reading for researchers in academia and industry working in the field; experts in manufacturing of electrical steels. Also aimed at advanced students; engineers and scientists in electrical energy generation and distribution sectors in general.

Book contents

This information is provisional and will be updated prior to publication

Volume 1:

Chapter 1: Soft Magnetic Material

Chapter 2: Basic Magnetic Concepts

Chapter 3: Magnetic Domains, Energy Minimisation and Magnetostriction

Chapter 4: Methods of observing magnetic domains in electrical steels

Chapter 5: Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 6: Fundamentals of A.C. Signals

Chapter 7: Losses and Eddy Currents in Soft Magnetic Materials

Chapter 8: Rotational Magnetisation and Losses

Chapter 9: Anistropy of Iron and its Alloys

Chapter 10: Magnetic Circuits

Chapter 11: Effect of Mechanical Stress on Loss, Permeability and Magnetostriction

Chapter 12: Magnetic Measurements on Electrical Steels

Chapter 13: Background to Modern Electrical Steels
Chapter 14: Production of Electrical Steels

Chapter 15: Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Soft Magnetic Materials

Chapter 16: Nickel-iron, Cobalt-iron and Aluminium-iron Alloys

Chapter 17: Consolidated Iron Powder and Ferrite Cores

Chapter 18: Temperature and Irradiation Dependence of Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Soft Magnetic Materials

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