Cogeneration: Technologies, Optimisation and Implementation

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  • Book title: Cogeneration: Technologies, Optimisation and Implementation

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  • Year: 2017

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Cogeneration, also called combined heat and power (CHP), refers to the use of a power station to deliver two or more useful forms of energy, for example, to generate electricity and heat at the same time. All conventional, fuel-based plants generate heat as by-product, which is often carried away and wasted. Cogeneration captures part of this heat for delivery to consumers and is thus a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel, and contributes to reduction of carbon emissions. This book provides an integrated treatment of cogeneration, including a tour of the available technologies and their features, and how these systems can be analysed and optimised.

Topics covered include benefits of cogeneration; cogeneration technologies; electrical engineering aspects; applications of cogeneration; fuels for cogeneration systems; thermodynamic analysis; environmental impacts of cogeneration; reliability and availability; economic analysis of cogeneration systems; regulatory and legal frameworks; selection, integration and operation of cogeneration systems; simulation and optimisation; synthesis, design and operation; examples of cogeneration projects; research and development of cogeneration; summary and conclusions.

About the Editor

Christos A. Frangopoulos is a Professor Emeritus at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. His research focuses on the development and application of methods for analysis, evaluation and optimisation of synthesis, design and operation of energy systems (including cogeneration systems), by combining thermodynamic, economic and environmental considerations. He has lectured extensively on cogeneration. He is a member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals related to energy.

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This book is intended for instructors and students at advanced undergraduate as well as graduate level, for professional engineers who design, build and operate cogeneration systems, and for researchers on analysis and optimisation of energy systems.

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