Advances in High Voltage Engineering

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  • Year: 2004

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Scope: This book addresses the very latest research and development issues in high voltage technology and is intended as a reference source for researchers and students in the field, specifically covering developments throughout the past decade. This unique blend of expert authors and comprehensive subject coverage means that this book is ideally suited as a reference source for engineers and academics in the field for years to come.

About the editors: Manu Haddad obtained the degree of Ingénieur d’Etat in Electrical Engineering and then a PhD in high voltage engineering in 1990. In 1995, he was appointed as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in electrical engineering at Cardiff University, with responsibility for the High Voltage Research Group and lecturing duties in high voltage engineering, power systems, electromagnetics and electrical circuits. 

Doug Warne graduated from Imperial College with an apprenticeship at AEI Heavy Plant Division at Rugby.  He moved on to the Electrical Research Association to work on superconducting generators and subsequently took responsibility for the short-circuit testing station and the HV laboratory.  His work there also included development and management of ERA’s wind energy research.  Since 1990 he has acted as an independent consultant.  He is Series Editor for the IEE Power & Energy Series.

Book review

"...By providing a review of many recent advances in high-voltage technology in one source, many readers would find this book to be of great interest, especially those working with high-voltage systems for power transmission and related measurements." John J. Shea, Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol.23, No.1, January/February 2007

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Ideally suited as a reference source for engineers and academics in the field.


Engineers and academics

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