Electrical Safety: a guide to the causes and prevention of electrical hazards

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  • Year: 1994

  • Format: Hardback

  • Product Code: PBPO0190

  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-806-2

  • Pagination: 201pp.

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Scope: The author explains the various environmental and health hazards due to electricity in its many forms, and sets out methods and practices to reduce risks (including operations in specialised environments such as explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts). The book should be valuable reference material not only to practising electrical engineering students, but also for personnel and safety managers with responsibility for safety in the workplace.

Book readership

Electrical, mechanical and civil engineers; safety specialists; managers and employers; personnel managers.

Book contents

Physiological effects of electrical current; Electrical power systems; The philosophies of earthing; Cables and fires; Electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres; Protection by flameproof exposure; Protection by intrinsic safety; Electrical apparatus in areas subject to flammable dusts; Design workmanship and maintenance; Stored energy; Electric welding; The nature of lightning; Coping with static; Electromagnetic radiation; Earth currents and their effects; Bibliography; Index.

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