Flexible A.C. Transmission Systems (FACTS)

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  • Year: 1999

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Scope: Deregulation of electricity supply industries worldwide and the resultant arrival of competition is forcing power utilities to utilise their existing facilities to ever higher levels of efficiency, enabled by advances in power electronics technology. In the 1990s a number of control devices, collectively known as FACTS technology, have come into widescale operation and offer further opportunities to improve the control of transmission systems. Much research activity continues in this field and this book aims to describe the state-of-the-art internationally. It will be widely welcomed throughout the power industry.

Book review

"This book provides a comprehensive guide to FACTS, covering all the major aspects in research and development of FACTS technologies [and] will be a useful reference for professional engineers involved in the operation and control of modern power systems. It will also be of value to post-graduate students and researchers." IEEE Power Engineering Review

Book readership

Electrical and power system engineers; researchers; advanced level students.


Professional; postgraduate; reference.

Book contents

Preface; 1: Power transmission control: basic theory, problems and needs, FACTS solutions (L. Gyugyi); 2: Power electronics: fundamentals (G. Joos); 3: High voltage DC transmission technology (J. Arrillaga); 4: Shunt compensation: SVC and STATCOM (H.L. Thanawala et al).; 5: Series compensation (M. Noroozian et al.); 6: Phase shifter (M.R. Iravani); 7: The unified power flow controller (L. Gyugyi & C.D. Schauder); 8: Electromagnetic transient simulation studies (J.Y. Liu & Y-H Song); 9: Steady-state analysis control (Y-H Song & J.Y. Liu); 10: Oscillation stability analysis and control (H.F. Wang); 

11 Transient stability control (R. Mihalic et al.); 12: Protection for EHV transmission lines with FACTS devices (Q.Y Xuan et al.); 13: FACTS development and applications (Y. Sekine & T. Hayashi); 14: Application of power electronics to the distribution system (N. Jenkins); Index

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