Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Power Systems

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  • Year: 1997

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-897-0

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Scope: Research in AI has developed many techniques and methodologies that can be adapted or used directly to solve complex power system problems. This book, based on an IEE workshop held at the University of Reading, covers a wide variety of these problems. Key methods are each introduced and their applications in the power systems field investigated in detail and supported by case studies. 

The book is suitable for various levels of reader, covering both basic principles and applications. It will serve as an introduction for those from a power systems background and as an overview for those from an AI computing or control background.

Book review

"This book is a useful introduction to the field of AI for power engineers [and] presents several meaningful case-studies that will help practioners in deciding which directions are worthy of further investigation and near-term success." IEEE Computer Applications in Power

Book readership

Power system engineers and researchers. AI computing and control researchers.

Book contents

1. AI techniques in power systems (MA Laughton); 2. Knowledge engineering techniques applied to power systems (C-C Liu, T-K Ma & G Rosenwald); 3. Object-oriented design & software implementation (NBP Phillips, JO Gann & MR Irving); 4. Fuzzy and hybrid systems (YH Song & RW Dunn); 5. Alarm analysis (DG Esp & K Warwick); 

6. AI techniques for voltage control (A Ekwue, DTY Cheng & JF Macqueen); 7. AI for protection systems (R Aggarwal & A Johns); 8. Neural networks for static assessment (D Niebur & R Fischl); 9. KBS for condition monitoring (JR McDonald, GM Burt & A Moyes); 10. Scheduling maintenance using genetic programming (WB Landon & PC Treleaven); 

11. Neuro-expert system applications (R Khosla & T Dillon); 12. Intelligence systems for demand forecasting (S Majithia, L Kiernan & J Hannan); 13. Practical application and implementation of adaptive techniques in autoreclose protection and system control (IP Gardiner); Index.


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