Power System Commissioning and Maintenance Practice

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  • Year: 1998

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-909-0

  • Pagination: 520pp.

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Scope: Dealing with the practice of commissioning and maintaining electrical power system equipment, this unique book covers the practical issues associated with commissioning and supporting plant which commonly face engineers. In addition to dealing with practical applications, the book will enable readers to rapidly become familiar with basic theory and design of equipment prior to considering commissioning or related work. In its coverage and breadth, Power systems commissioning and maintenance practice will be an invaluable reference for those involved in practical power engineering.

Book readership

Electrical and power engineers and managers.


Professional; reference.

Book contents

1: Commissioning management; 2: Maintenance and fault investigation; 3: Power system theory; 4: Circuit breakers; 5: The power transformer; 6: Tap change and automatic voltage control; 7: High voltage pressure tests; 8: Underground cables and overhead lines; 9: Substation power supplies; 10 Current and voltage transformers: 11: Switchgear control systems; 12: Protection and control; 13: Overcurrent and earth fault protection; 14: Distance protection; 15: Unit protection of feeders; 16: Unit protection of substation plant; 17: Generator protection; 18 Intertripping; 19: On-load tests; Index.


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