Wood Pole Overhead Lines

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  • Year: 2005

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-356-8

  • Pagination: 332 pp.

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Scope: This new book concentrates on the mechanical aspects of distribution wood pole lines, including live line working, environmental influences, climate change and international standards.  Other topics include statutory requirements, safety, profiling, traditional and probabilistic design, weather loads, bare and covered conductors, different types of overhead systems, conductor choice, construction and maintenance.  A section has also been devoted to the topic of lightning, which is one of the major sources of faults on overhead lines.  The book focuses on the effects of this problem and the strategic principles of protection.

Dr. Brian Wareing runs his own consultancy company on overhead lines and
Lightning protection.  He also delivers an MSc course in Power Distribution Engineering based in the UK and overseas.

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Aimed at manufacturers, students and engineers

Book contents

Distribution Overhead Lines. Statutory Requirements. Surveying and Profiling. Traditional and Probabilistic Design Standards. Overhead Line Design. Mechanical Design of Poles, Cross-arms and Foundations. Weather Loads, Conductor Sags and Tensions. Conductor Characteristics and Selection. Bare, Insulated and Covered Conductors. Line Construction. Inspection Techniques. Specific Line Inspection Regimes. Condition Assessment and Health Indices. Failure Modes in Overhead Lines. Wood Pole Decay Mechanisms and Remedial Treatments. Line and Component Susceptibility to Weather Effects. Live Line Working in the UK. Lightning and Lightning Protection. The Future. Glossary

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