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  • Year: 1994

  • Format: Hardback

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-855-0

  • Pagination: 290pp.

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Scope: Vacuum switches now dominate the medium-voltage sector (below 30 kV) for all power switching functions. Allan Greenwood is a world authority in this field; in this book he shows how vacuum arcs and current interruption in vacuum are different from gaseous arcs and interruption in gas circuit breakers, and leads the reader to understand these differences - thereby enabling successful design, construction and use of vacuum switchgear. This comprehensive treatment (including an introductory historical perspective) makes the book useful for users and manufacturers as well as designers.

The book will effectively act as a companion to SF6 Switchgear which covers high voltage switching.

Book readership

Engineers and researchers (industrial and academic) in power engineering (electrical engineering).

Book contents

Historical review: how we arrived at where we are today; The vacuum arc; Vacuum breakdown; Current interruption in vacuum; Design of vacuum switchgear 1: the vacuum interrupter; Design of vacuum switchgear 2: the operating mechanism and other mechanical features; Design of vacuum switchgear 3: versatility; Design of vacuum switchgear 4: packaging; Manufacture of vacuum switchgear; Application of vacuum switchgear; Testing vacuum switchgear; Maintenance of vacuum switchgear.

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