Wind Power Integration: Connection and System Operational Aspects

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  • Year: 2007

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-449-7

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Scope: The rapid growth of wind power and the implications of this on future power system planning, operation and control has become an even greater challenge in today’s liberalised electricity market conditions. This essential new book examines the main problems of wind power integration and guides the reader through a number of the most recent solutions based on current research and operational experience of wind power integration.

About the authors

Brendan Fox and Damien Flynn are both with Queen’s University Belfast. Leslie Bryans is with Northern Ireland Electricity. Nick Jenkins is with UMIST. Mark O’ Malley and Rick Watson are both with the University College Dublin.

Book contents

Introduction. Modern Power Systems. Wind Power Technology. Operation of Power Systems With Significant Wind Power Import. Wind Forecasting. Electricity Markets. Network Integration Aspects.

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