Skills Development for Engineers

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  • Year: 2001

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-979-3

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Organisations operate in an increasingly competitive environment, which drives a need for continuous employee skill development. The rapid pace of technological change requires everyone to continue learning throughout life. This book questions the effectiveness of current employee learning in most organisations and presents an alternative framework model, which is less costly and more successful. 

Many practical examples of successful approaches are given in a highly readable format, with diagrams. The author has many years of practical experience as a training manager in a large North American engineering company; and his work on skills development there won him and his company the Glenn Martin Award as the Best Training Organisation at the 1998 World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education.

Book review

"...the book will be helpful to young and mature engineers in advancement of their careers.  The format of the book, moving from beyond the classroom, progressing right through the main features of skill for developing engineers is well researched and explained.  The section 'Mechanisms for Advanced Learning' was of particular interest." Professor H. J. Manners, The Institute of Management Specialists

Book readership

Practising engineers and other professionals; engineering managers; training/personnel/human resources managers.


Professional, reference.

Book contents

1. Moving beyond the classroom. 2. Management roles. 3. Mechanisms for advanced learning. 4. Communicating the information. 5. Employees own their own development. 6. The supervisor's role. 7. A few further applications. 8. Organisational assessment. 9. Evaluating programme effectiveness. 10. There is no such thing as a free lunch. References. Index.

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