The Life and Times of A. D. Blumlein

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  • Year: 1998

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Scope: Despite his accidental death in June 1942 at the age of 38, Alan Dower Blumlein was unquestionably one of the century's most creative engineers and filed some 140 patents. He was the driving force and inspiration behind many fundamental innovations in radar, electronics and sound recording, including perhaps the landmark patent enabling stereo sound. Surprisingly, until 1999 there had been no biography of this remarkable man. We are proud to rectify this by publishing this scholarly treatment of Blumlein's life, which includes a foreword by his eldest son.

Book review

"Its very thorough treatment...assures that it will remain the Blumlein biography for years." The Old Timer's Bulletin, November 2001.

"All engineers should read this book - they will not fail to be inspired by Blumlein's genius and professional approach to problem solving." IEE Review, May 2000.

"This book does full justice to Blumlein's life and times and forms a fitting memorial...a superb biography" Measurement and Control, Vol.36, No.6, July 2003.

Book readership

Historians of science and technology, especially radio/audio and radar; electrical and electronic engineers.


Reference; professional.

Book contents

1: Early life; 2: Long lines; 3: Monophonic recording and reproduction; 4: Stereophonic recording and reproduction; 5: Pre-EMI television history; 6: EMI and high-definition television; 7: The London Station; 8: Personality; 9: Blumlein's technical achievements in television; 10: Air defence; 11: EMI's '60 MHz job'; 12: The battle against the night raiders and AI Mark IV; 13: The Blitz and AI Mark VI radar; 14: Miscellaneous wartime activities; 15: The Battle of the Atlantic; 16: The crash and its aftermath; 17: Genius; Appendices; Index

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