Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS 1802-1875, 2nd Edition

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  • Year: 2001

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  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-103-2

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Scope: This fascinating biography celebrates the bicentenary of Wheatstone's birth, and draws on information about the family business as well as letters, including correspondence with Cooke and Faraday, which were not available for the first edition. Charles Wheatstone was one of the leading electrical engineers of the mid-nineteenth century, and began his career in the family musical instrument firm where studying the workings of musical instruments gave him a taste for physics.

He was responsible for the introduction of the electrical telegraph where his scientific understanding enabled him to turn it into a practical technology. This book will be of particular interest to scientists and historians interested in the work of this pioneering engineer.

Book readership

Historians of science, technology and communications; electrical and electronic engineers; historians of music.


Reference, professional, general interest.

Book contents

Foreword; 1: An Extraordinary fellow; 2: Early Life; Part 1-Sound and Light; 3: Researches in sound; 4: Musical instrument manufacturer; 5: The stereoscope; Part 2-Electricity; 6: The velocity of electricity; 7: Professor Wheatstone; 8: Researches in electricity; 9: Electrical measurements; Part 3-The Telegraph; 10: Early Telegraph; 11: The practical electric telegraph; 12: Submarine telegraphy; 13: The developing telegraph; Part 4-Sir Charles; 14: Wheatstone at home; 15: Later scientific work; 16: The public figure; Appendix; Index

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