Communications: an international history of the formative years (Paperback)

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  • Year: 2004

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Scope: The history of communications is extensive and this book explains how communications have evolved from the time of Aeschylus's Agamemnon (485BC) to circa 1940.  It discusses the essential factors - technical, political, social, economic and general - which have enabled modern communications to evolve from early primitive stages of development.  

Considerable endeavour has been taken to present the views of scientists and engineers, newspaper reporters and editors, cartoonists and others so that the progress of communications is seen from the perspective of the times and not from the standpoint of a later generation.  Many hundreds of references to primary and secondary sources have been detailed and the text contains many diagrams, photographs and tables of data.

Book review

"a highly valuable recounting of communications history. It is well organised in numerous technical subjects and addresses both readers who might simply want to get a general picture of communications history, as well as those who might prefer to focus on particular topics." Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, IEE Communications Engineer, Vol. 2, No. 2, April-May 2004.

Book contents

Communications Among the Ancients. Semaphore. Signalling. Electric Signalling. Electric Telegraphy - Commercial and Social Aspects. Submarine Telegraphy. The Telephone. Optical Communications. Images By Wire. Distant Vision (c. 1880 to 1923). Signalling During the Great War. The Birth of Sound Broadcasting. Some Developments in the 1920s. The Rise and Fall of Low Definition Television. The Birth of High Definition Television. EMI and the London Television Station. The Emergence of New Technologies.

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