Properties, Growth and Applications of Diamond

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  • Year: 2011

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Scope: Recent breakthroughs in the synthesis of diamond have led to increased availability at lower cost. This has spurred R&D into its characterisation and application in machine tools, optical coatings, X-ray windows and light-emitting optoelectronic devices. In the longer term, diamond's high thermal conductivity and electron mobility make it potentially useful for integrated circuit applications (e.g. in heat sinks). 

This book draws together expertise from some 60 researchers in Europe and the USA working on bulk and thin film diamond. All fully refereed, the contributions are combined to form a highly structured volume with reviews, evaluations, tables and illustrative material, together with expert guidance to the literature.

Book readership

Materials scientists, condensed matter physicists, electronic engineers.


Scientific/technical reference, postgraduate and professional/research.

Book contents

Quality assessment; optical and mechanical properties; carrier mobility; resistivity; electron affinity; secondary electron emission; polishing; morphology and etching of surfaces; defects (N; H; O; Si; transition metals; vacancies; self-interstitials; shallow states); HPHT synthesis; growth of microcrystalline and nano-crystalline films; doping; diffusion; processing and characterisation for optical applications; radiation windows; lithography masks; electron beam; SAW and opto-electronic devices; X-ray detectors; sample requirements for mechanical applications; cutting tools; wire dies; thermal management.

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