Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals: nematics

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  • Year: 2011

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Scope: The demand for liquid crystals with better display parameters and lower power consumption has stimulated much research into their properties and characterisation. A large team of over 50 leading researchers from the USA, Europe and Japan have focused their expertise to extract and review data on a wide range of properties of nematics, including those which are essential to the development of all types of liquid crystal device. Where appropriate these properties are also explained with expert commentary. The book is fully illustrated and structured for reference.

Coverage includes: Molecular structure and organisation; molecular properties; order parameters; thermodynamics; structural studies; elastic parameters; defects; flexoelectricity; magnetic properties; refractive indices; chirality; optical and chiro-optical properties; dielectric properties; conductivity; nonlinear optical properties; nematodynamics; viscosities, including relationship to molecular structure; flow/backflow; diffusion; surfaces; interfaces; materials properties for displays; simulation and computer modelling.

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Liquid crystal scientists, materials scientists, condensed matter physicists, chemists, electronics engineers.


Scientific/technical reference, postgraduate and professional/research.

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