Properties of Silicon Carbide

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  • Year: 1995

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Scope: Research on SiC is driven by the growing promise of applications in blue light diodes, integrated circuits operating at high temperatures, high power/high frequency devices and quantum structures. To fulfil this promise it is necessary to understand and fully characterise the SiC system. In this book Professor Gary Harris has drawn together the expert knowledge of numerous researchers from around the world and presented it in one highly structured fully indexed volume with over 1000 references to published and unpublished sources.

Book readership

Materials scientists, physicists, chemists, electronic engineers.

Book contents

Basic physical properties; optical and paramagnetic properties; Carrier properties and band structure; Energy levels; Surface structure, Metallisation and oxidation; Etching; Diffusion of impurities and ion implantation; Bulk and epitaxial growth; Contacts and junctions; Schottky diodes, transistors and optoelectronic devices.


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